Project Tracking… for Kids!

JIRA Jr. is the best way to track being a kid. Track baseball cards, tea parties, boo-boos, poo-poos, and more.

  • The New Chore Board
    No more sticky-stars on the fridge. Drag-and-drop your tasks and tell your parents to watch your burndown.
  • Custom Field Thingies
    Don’t know what “component” means? Then just call it “stuff.” It’s like drawing on the wall with Crayons.
  • Perfect for Playdates
    Show your friends you mean business, and keep your Lego projects on schedule.
  • Lots of Plugins + Stuff
    Make JIRA Jr. your own with custom plugins and all sorts of crazy.
  • Live Scratch-n-Sniff
    Okay, not yet. But we’re working on it.
  • Available on LeapFrog
    Tablets are all the rage, so JIRA Jr. comes to teh tablet you love most: your LeapFrog.